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      EF 400
      Forming, filling and sealing

      The EF 400 is a high-output FFS machine able to process a huge variety of pasty to liquid products, including multi-layer, and enabling cup design and labelling versatility, leading to significant savings on packaging materials.

      The EF 400 is a high-output FFS machine able to process a huge variety of pasty to liquid products, including multi-layer, and enabling cup design and labelling versatility, leading to significant savings on packaging materials.

      Versatility in every sense

      The EF 400 provides the most versatile answer to industry needs in terms of cup forming,  filling, and sealing, with excellent levels of productivity and potential for tailor-designed cups and filling styles.

      Product changeover is quick and easy, and labelling techniques include straight or conical IML as well as in-mould sticker labels.

      Cups can be designed cost-effectively with many labelling solutions and freedom of cup geometry. Not only a marketing tool, the label also strengthens the cup’s sidewall stability, enabling a thinner bottom web resulting in lower material costs.


      EF400 Highlights

      Handles multi-layer PS or PP, PET materials.
      Output with or without label: 2 rows of 6 cups of fresh cheese up to 23,000 cups/h.
      Output for yoghurt pots: 4 rows of 6 cups up to 46,000 cups/h.
      Clean, ultra-clean or aseptic execution, according to specific needs.
      FDA, 3A and EHEDG-compliant equipment delivered on demand.

      Products to be filled

      With the form, fill and seal machine EF 400 you can fill all kind of liquid-to-pasty products - with or without particulates - such as yogurt, fruit juice, white cheese, desserts, pureas, etc.
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      Filling Solutions

      With its' long term experience in filling liquid to pasty products into different kind of cups - in thermoformed as well as in pre-formed cups - Erca offers a large variety of different filling possibilities. The fillers are known for their outstanding filling accuracy, a factor which inevitably leads to minimal product loss and enhanced productivity. Covering a wide range of filling styles, countless customized and tailor-made design possibilities are available to satisfy specific requests.
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      Labelling Solutions

      Cups can be designed cost-effectively and with a huge variety of different labelling solutions. The label is not only a marketing instrument - it also improves the cup’s sidewall stability – making it more rigid so the bottom web thickness for the cup can be reduced.
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      Cup Shapes

      Customized and tailor-made cup design possibilities are available to satisfy specific customer requests. Erca can assist in the design of new packaging. In parallel with the standard FFS technology Erca has developed a technology that allows you to achieve a wide variety of innovative thermoformed shapes - with or without label - offering a wide range of cups at cost effective conditions.
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      • Technical Data
      • Machine Layout
      Cup material width  466 mm
      Draw off length
       300 mm
      Usable width  446 mm
      Forming depth
       100 mm
      PS, PET, PP and multilayers such as PS/PE, PS/PETG, PS/EVOH/PE, PP/EVOH/PP
      Yoghurt cups 63 x 63 mm, with w.a. label, 4×6 – 30 c/min 43,200 cups/h
      Round conical cups 65 x 65 mm, with w.a. label, 4×6 – 25 c/min 36,000 cups/h
      Fresh cheese cups w.a. label 49 x 49 mm, 4×6 – 30 c/min 43,200 cups/h
      Components Controller and Servomotors ELAU, Pneum. FESTO, HMI 15’’
      Standard configuration Bottom web reel Ø 1200 mm
      Lid reel                  Ø   400 mm
      Label reel              Ø   600 mm
      ERCA chains with grippers and magnetic drive, labelling with tilting mold, pneumatic heating section on 6 pitches, exit conveyor with Intralox chains
      Hygiene Clean*, Ultra-Clean*, Aseptic*
      Labelling Labelling with vacuum, labelling for conical cups, 2 label heights, automatic splicing
      Chains ERCA spiked chains, standard spiked chains, TSUBAKI chains
      Fillers up to 3 fillers
      * Depending on customer specification
      EF400 Layout

      EF400 Gallery

      Bottom web infeed
      Pre heating
      Inductive filler
      Lid unwinder
      Sealing Station
      Cup discharge