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      New tools for FFS machines to fill your products into sustainable cups

      ZERO Technology

      With the patented solutions ZERO Technology from INTECMA we offer an optimal solution for the use of monomaterials, such as PET, PP and PLA.

      The tools of the ZERO Technology series are the result of years of research and development. They can be applied to all tools contained in a form, fill and seal machine. Using longer maintenance intervals reduces maintenance costs, increases the performance of the machine and, thanks to the special technology, the tools have a longer life cycle.

      By using the tools from ZERO Technology, a quick changeover from PS (Polystyrene) to more recyclable materials such as PET, PP and PLA can be realised.

      E.g. with the innovative cutting tools, end users can handle the multipacks as with PS multipacks and simply break them into individual cups. Since breaking into individual cups has not yet been possible, the switch from PS to PET, PP and PLA has not yet been implemented. Only with these new cutting tools from INTECMA multipacks made from these materials can be broken as easily as multipacks made from PS.

      ZERO Technology offers you an innovative solution on your way to using more sustainable packaging material in your existing form, filling and sealing machine or in new machines. 

      ZERO Technology cannot only be integrated in FFS machines from IMA DAIRY & FOOD. The tools can also be installed on machines from other suppliers.

      Forming Moulds

      The use of independent sleeves allows for cup design changes by simply replacing sleeves with new design and therefore avoiding having to manufacture a complete new mould. The thermoforming moulds can be easily dismantled and thus allow easy maintenance.

      • Dismantable lid:
        Enables periodical maintenance of the cooling system and thus extends the life of the mould substantially whilst maintaining optimal forming performance.
      • Easy maintenance
      • Independent sleeves

      Cutting Tool

      With the newly developed cutting tools for multipacks made of PET, PP and PLA, IMA DAIRY & FOOD now offers customers the option of using these materials for their thermoformed cups without affecting the handling of the products by the end user. The use of these materials enables an improved recyclability of cups and reduces the ecological footprint.

      • All elements are interchangeable
      • Mobile cutting elements for PET and PP
      • PET foil can be notched
      • Extractable central cutting unit: easy to change
      • Knife and punch exchangeable


      Labelling Unit

      • IML (In-Mould Labelling)
      • Conical banderole
      • 2 lable heights with easy format change
      • Sticker

      More Information

      Our service teams at Erca, Hassia and Intecma are at your disposal to give you further information about ZERO Technology. The tools can also be integrated into form, fill & seal machines from other suppliers.