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      Our way to sustainable packaging solutions

      Recyclability, less material and innovative, sophisticated packaging

      We are faced with these challenges in order to meet the requirements of our customers for sustainable packaging.

      So far, packaging has been considered sustainable when it has been enhanced to fulfil its tasks such as product protection, resilience to transport and providing information.

      Sustainability has also stood for saving material. Better material properties, thinner wall thicknesses for cups, lower bottom web thickness, optimized shaping and optimized process technologies have led to plastic packaging becoming lighter and lighter over the years, with the same or better packaging performance and packaging stability.

      Today packaging is considered sustainable if it can be recycled.

      Our Approach

      We all have images of plastic waste in our heads and its impact on the environment. As a machine manufacturer it is vital that we contribute towards sustainable packaging. We work in close co-operation from the beginning of a project with our customers and packaging material suppliers in order to save packaging material and at the same time take into account the environment, the market, the customer product and the packaging concept.

      Together with customers and packaging material suppliers, we test new packaging materials made from renewable or recyclable materials to ensure that the materials can be processed on our packaging machines with the highest possible output rate and efficiency.

      Cooperations on the topic of sustainability

      When it comes to sustainability, however, you shouldn’t look at all aspects from just one perspective. For this reason we work closely with our packaging designers, packaging material suppliers, food manufacturers, associations and research institutions.

      We are a member of the working group ‘pack4sustainability’ of the VDMA. The VDMA Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery Association has launched a new knowledge portal for all aspects of sustainable packaging and packaging technologies. Whether circular economy, the function and value of packaging, relevant laws and regulations, infographics, expert interviews and company examples. The topic of sustainable packaging is considered holistically. The knowledge is objectively prepared and compactly bundled in one information source. Take a look! 

      Our solutions

      Retrofitting a machine or a completely new packaging machine? A solution for your existing form, fill and seal machine or for your fill and seal machine for pre-made cups?

      Our solutions for more sustainable packaging cover all aspects of packaging. Based on our many years of experience, innovative ideas and new technologies, we develop the optimal packaging solution for our customers.

      Realize the transition from plastic to paper, from composite materials to mono-materials with IMA DAIRY & FOOD. With the ZERO Technology tools from INTECMA, we not only offer solutions for our own form, fill and seal machines, but also for machines from other suppliers.


      ZERO Technology – Punch

      With the implementation of this punching unit, PP, PET and PLA cups can be punched and the consumer can easily break multipacks into individual cups. Making it easy for our customers to switch from PS to the more environmentally friendly materials PET, PP and PLA.


      • Extendable punching unit
      • Complete replacement of the punching elements
      • Easy on-site maintenance

      Sustainable packaging on fill and seal machines

      Our fill and seal machines can process pre-formed cups made of sustainable materials such as PP, PET, cardboard/paper and K3 (PS with cardboard) and seal them with lid films made of PET, rPET and Mono-PP.