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      Used Form, Fill & Seal Machines



      On behalf of a customer in Turkey we offer two used form, fill & seal machines.

      Hassia THM 8/48


      Output Actual product filled Filling volumes Cup shape Label Snap-on lid applier Bottom web material Lid material Label material Snap-on lid material PLC and motion control
      5.100 cups/h cream cheese in brine 200 g
      400 g 
      500 g cream cheese + 80 g brine
      rectangular banderole Buhmann

      PS and/or PS/ EVOH/PE-T ALU/PET/ PE craft paper PET

       Schneider Electric

      Machine dimensions: approx. 18 m x 3,4 m x 5,5 m (L x W x H)

      Condition of the machine: used machine (available at the customer site)


      Brine dosing unit


      Dosing unit

      Label transfer unit (backside)


      Cooling tunnel


      Forming station and label transfer unit 

      Labelling station

      Top view of the machine

      Snap-on lid applyer

      Snap-on lid applyer


      Hassia THM 16/48

       Output Actual product filled Filling volume Cup shape Label Snap-on lid applyer  Bottom web material Lid material  Label material  Snap-on lid material PLC and motion control
       7.560 cups/h  flexible braided cheese rods in brine 260g + 200g brine oval   banderole Buhmann  PS and/or PS /EVOH/PE  ALU/PET/ PE   craft paper PET  Schneider Electric

      Special application: 2 robot units for the cheese rod filling 

      Machine dimensions: approx. 22,5 m x 17,3 m x 4,2 m (L x W x H)

      Condition of the machine: used machine (available at the customer site)



      Pre-heating area and compressed-air service unit


      Sealing station


      Punching station

      Label infeed

      Labelling reel


      Machine backside with cable duct and lid supply infeed



      Snap-on lid station

      Conveyor for snap-on lid cup infeed

      Pick & Place unit for carton loading

      Cartoning machine

      Cartoning machine