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IMA DAIRY & FOOD Machine Portfolio

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The filling and sealing machine COMBISEPTIC is a continuous-motion, accurate and efficient solution for yoghurts and desserts, suitable for different hygienic standards and allowing maximum flexibility thanks to its modular concept.
The format-flexible multi-layer filler for different hygiene levels. Modular construction, flexible in size and equipment
timer up to 18.000 cups/hour
The CONTITHERM filling and sealing machine for pre-formed cups is a servo-driven solution enabling continuous motion and exceptionally high output.
Compact and ergonomically optimised. Minimum operating personnel. Short set-up times.
timer Up to 40.000 cups/hour
With a completely enclosed processing tunnel with sterile air overpressure, the DOGASEPTIC filling and sealing machine is the ultimate answer for ultra-clean and aseptic processing thanks to packaging material sterilisation and safe germ reduction.
Completely enclosed machine, with sterile air overpressure.
timer up to 25.200 cups/h
Whenever fresh products have to be filled at higher outputs, the DOGATHERM is the optimum solution. Liquid to pasty products can be filled in single or multi-layers, with our without particulates.
The filling machine for fresh products. Several modules retrofittable. Filling product flexible from 4 to 80° C.
timer up to 16.000 cups/hour