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      Chainless platform, modular design, format flexibility alongside Hassia/Hamba proven hygienic filling solutions for pre-formed cups and lidding materials.

      Chainless platform, modular design, format flexibility alongside Hassia/Hamba proven hygienic filling solutions for pre-formed cups and lidding materials.

      Modular design, format flexibility

      In response to new market trends and a demand for superior flexibility, this filling and sealing machine covers the request for top-level hygienic conditions while maintaining their most versatile qualities in terms of cup or box size and shape as well as taking into account the processed product.

      Depending on customer requirements, the machine can be individually adapted, e.g. with automated trolley change and multi-format operation. Washing the trolleys “on the fly” is done by cleaning during production without reducing machine performance and is thus one of the other outstanding options available.




      HAMBA BK-NEO Highlights

      Open design » Frame concept made of stainless steel » Good accessibility › Running height trolleys: 950 mm
      Modular machine » Individually adaptable to customer requirements
      Chainless transport system » Precise positioning of the trolleys » No chain wear
      Automated cell board change » Multi format
      Washing of trolleys “on the fly” » Cleaning during production without reducing machine output » Washing program variable › All trolleys, specific trolley, short program, CIP program
      Single or double index operating platform
      Available with 2 pre-installed formats.
      Recipe functionality to control index speed to maximize product output.
      The chainless solution for the cup transportation enables highest format flexibility in terms of container size and shape.

      Products to be filled

      All kind of liquid to pasty products such as plain or fruited yoghurt, fresh cheese, white cheese (curd), cottage cheese, single and multi-layer desserts, aerated mousse products, deli salads, dips, dressings, hot filled sauces, soups, jams, fruit purees, tomato paste, sweet spread, baby food, pet food, etc.
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      Filling solutions

      With its' long term experience in filling liquid to pasty products into different kind of cups Erca offers a large variety of different filling possibilities. The fillers are known for their outstanding filling accuracy, a factor which inevitably leads to minimal product loss and enhanced productivity. Covering a wide range of filling styles, countless customized and tailor-made design possibilities are available to satisfy specific requests.
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      Cup formats

      A wide rang of cup formats of pre-formed cups can be filled.
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      • Technical Data
      Configuration max. output max. round cup max. height
      BK-NEO 1 – 4  9,600 cups/h ø 180 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 1 – 6 14,400 cups/h ø 152 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 1 – 8 19,200 cups/h ø 116 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 1- 10 24,000 cups/h ø 85 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 2 – 4 28,800 cups/h ø 130 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 2 – 6 28,800 cups/h ø 95 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 2 – 8 38,400 cups/h ø 95 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 2 – 10 48,000 cups/h ø 85 mm 150 mm
      BK-NEO 2 – 12 57,600 cups/h ø 70 mm 150 mm


      HAMBA BK-NEO Gallery

      Cup destacker
      Lid application
      Sealing station
      Cup transport
      Cup discharge
      Trolley station